COMMITTEE                                               CHAIRMAN                                      TELEPHONE

RULES                                                  P/R/C EUGENE MOLTENI, SN                  718-224-2124

AUDITING                                             P/R/C EUGENE MOLTENI, SN                  718-224-2124

GOOD and WELFARE                                            

SQUADRON LIAISON                           P/C SEAN DONOHOE, SN                         718-565-7952

PUBLIC RELATIONS                            
Lt/C MARY ANN JORDAN, N                           

LEGISLATIVE                                        STF/C GUY ANASTASIO, SN                     516-921-4049  

EDUCATIONAL DEPARTMENT           Lt/CSETH CIRKER                                       516-883-8848

MEMBERSHIP                                      P/R/C EUGENE MOLTENI, SN                   718-224-2124

Co-Op CHARTING                                P/C SEAN DONOHOE,SN                          718-565-7952

MEMBER INVOLVEMENT                    P/C  SHARON MOLTENI, SN                     718-224-2124

BOATING ACTIVITIES                          Lt/C GIL C. ALLEN, SN

VESSEL SAFETY CHECK                    Lt GENE THYER, AP                                   718-747-1591

PORT CAPTAIN                                                        

ROSTER                                               P/C JOHN LISTNER, AP                            718-767-4284

RUNNING LIGHTS                               P/C JOHN LISTNER, AP                             718-767-4284

ENTERTAINMENT                               P/C THOMAS BIGLIN, SN                           718-847-7424    

COMPUTER SYSTEMS                       P/C THOMAS BIGLIN, SN                           718-847-7424

HOSPITALITY                                       Lt MARY MOFETTA, S                                718-886-3455
“America’s Boating Club® is a trademark of the United States power Squadrons®”